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where it all began

Our outdoor brand started in the unlikeliest of places: very much indoors, in an accounting office. Although that makes Veradek Outdoor’s foundation seem calculated (excuse the pun), Veradek Outdoor was organically created out of the shared experiences of Lucio and Dan, two life-long friends. 

While looking for a way to make their mark outside of their corporate office jobs, Lucio and Dan found they didn’t need to look too far. 
As it turns out, the backyard was where Veradek Outdoor’s story began. 


the seed 

Lucio went to his local Garden Centre to look for some simple, durable, elegant outdoor planters, but the array of outdoor planters he found instead were of mismatched styles, clashing materials, and irrelevant sizes - nothing seemingly worth putting on display. Lucio purchased the planters anyway, assuming these planters earned their title of "outdoor staples" for a reason. 

Turns out, after being exposed to one harsh Canadian Winter, the “outdoor” planters had become unusable... and were not suitable for outdoor use at all. But, just like a seed germinating after a cold, frosty Winter, Lucio’s regrettable purchase sparked the idea for Veradek Outdoor the following Spring. 

This is how the seeds of Veradek Outdoor’s vision were sown. 



the sprout 

Why couldn't there be outdoor products that were designed to withstand the real, actual conditions of the seasons - Winter or Summer? 

Lucio and Dan teamed up and were now on a mission to build a better outdoor planter. Their advantage? They would take the word “outdoor” seriously. After months of trial and error, the seeds of their frustrating labor sprouted Veradek Outdoor's first product: the Midland planter. 


the growth 

The Midland Planter began garnering the interest of Garden Centers like fresh buds popping up in early Spring. Surprisingly, they all had the same frustrations with existing “outdoor” products that failed to perform outdoors, of all places! 

Fast forward to today, the original seed, which started as the Midland Planter and later transformed into Veradek Outdoor, is still growing! Veradek Outdoor now offers a wide range of outdoor products from planters, to fire pits, to coolers to privacy screens - all of which are designed to perform in the best and worst of all seasons, outdoors! 


our philosophy 


The core of our design philosophy is simplicity, while our production capabilities remain advanced and competitive. 

This is because, having struggled to find products ourselves, we understand the context of our products as parts of the larger ecosystem of your garden. Our experiences have inspired us to keep our designs clean, elegant and modern, while ensuring our products will always be durable, high quality and able to withstand the most extreme outdoor elements. 


extreme weather conditions 

Although it’s rare to be grateful for harsh winters, here at Veradek we thrive in extreme weather conditions, just like our products. 

Since it was the harsh Canadian winters which revealed how poorly existing “outdoor” planters performed, we see our location as a huge part of our competitive advantage. With temperatures ranging from sub-zero Fahrenheit in the Winter to over one-hundred Farenheit in Summer, any Canadian will tell you that these extreme swings can really test what you're made of. We like to think this is what sets us apart as an outdoor brand- as these same extremes give us the perfect testing grounds for our outdoor products. 

It’s our location in Canada that allows us to ensure our products work great outdoors, and it’s a huge part of why we're confidently named Veradek Outdoor. 


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