container gardening 101: what is it?

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Container Gardening 101

container gardening? what's that?

As a garden or plant enthusiast, you may have been seeing tons of inspo popping up on places like Pinterest or Instagram with gardeners showing off beautiful gardens with a common theme: everything is in pots and containers and hardly anything is planted in the ground! Container gardening is quickly becoming a common practice for good reason, and we're going to explain why before giving you some tips to think about while starting your own.

Why so popular?
Container gardens are growing in popularity because they serve not only decorative, but also practical purposes. They're perfect for those limited on space, have small yards or balconies, or have changing needs when it comes to light and temperature.

In areas with cold winter climates, some people will even bring their plants indoors until the warm weather returns. Plants can be setup virtually anywhere is desired or needed, including on the ground, mounted on walls or railings, or suspended from height.

Want to start your own container garden?
That's great! The first step is to start thinking about what kind of space you have to work with, and how you want it to look aesthetically. An easy rule of thumb to setup a beautiful arrangement of containers is to cluster varying sizes, shapes, and colours in areas that need a pop of freshness, like staircases, terraces, empty corners or walls, or lounging areas.

Now you know what the chatter's about, what's next?


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