plant parent 101: soil & drainage

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Plant Parent 101

plant parent 101:
soil & drainage

Featured throw blanket by Seek and Swoon

Soil often gets overlooked, but there are so many different soil mixes out there that pair specifically with certain types of plants, and for good reason. Each plant's root system is a little bit different and is sensitive to different soil environments.

Featured throw blanket by Seek and Swoon

Plants and soil
Some plants love a damp environment, while others will rot if their soil doesn't drain quickly. Make sure to research each of your plants and either buy or mix soil according to what will make them happiest.

Drainage is a must
Grab those drip trays and get your drain on! There are almost no plants that won't benefit from a drainage hole, as it prevents excess moisture that can and will most likely lead to root rot. If you're concerned that a drainage hole will lead to your soil being too dry, then it might be time to do some research into a different soil mix that will retain more water.


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