plant parent 101: new plants & repotting

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Plant Parent 101

plant parent 101:
new plants & repotting

Get acquainted with your new plant babies
Although every plant always deserves lots of attention and care, brand new plants that you've taken on need special observation. The first month that your plant baby is in its new home is an important time when you'll be able to learn about its specific needs and preferences with light, water, and environment.

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Repotting sometimes gets a bad rep because of the shock it can cause to a plant, but in truth it's a necessity for most, if not all plants to growth happily. Changing out old soil for new soil every year provides plants with new nutrients and prevents soil from compacting and suffocating its roots.

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Bigger is often better
Sizing up a pot by a few inches gives a plant's roots more space to stretch and grow, which is great for some plants that will die from suffocation when they become root bound in too small a pot. A great way to tell if your plants might need a pot upgrade is if its roots start poking out of the drainage holes.


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