plant parent 101: temperature, humidity, and fertilizer

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Plant Parent 101

plant parent 101:
temperature, humidity, and fertilizer


Mimicking your plants' natural environments is a sure fire way to make sure they stay healthy and happy. Plants tend to be highly sensitive to temperature changes—even moving a plant room to room could shock them and cause undesirable effects—so keeping the temperature consistent is key.

When it comes to humidity, different plants have different requirements. Desert plants will be happiest without any additional humidity, whereas tropical plants will need higher humidities, even benefiting from daily mistings to raise humidity levels.


Fertilizer is a great and sometimes necessary tool to promote growth for indoor plants. However, over-fertilizing can be harmful to a plant as it can cause damage to the roots and ultimately kill the plant. That's why fertilizing is typically only done in the growing season for a plant from spring until early Autumn. Before fertilizing, always research suitable types of fertilizer for your plants to avoid unpleasant accidents.


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