plant parent 101: watering

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Plant Parent 101

plant parent 101:

Watering. No matter how experienced, every plant parent goes through the plant watering learning curve, stressing about whether or not they've over watered or under watered their plant babies. In general, under watering is better than over watering. Plants can often spring back from being under watered, but there's not much that can be done to save a plant from root rot if it's been over watered.

Water by need, not by schedule
Remember to water based on each plant's individual needs and not by a schedule, as their needs will change depending on the season, temperature, humidity, and even based on how you much you watered it last time! Most plants will need less water in the winter months when there is less daylight and when the temperature cools (if you live in a climate where Winter weather is distinctly different than in summer).

Drainage is your best friend
Given the choice, you should ALWAYS opt for a drainage hole to promote soil drainage and prevent root rot. Pay close attention to your plants, because they will each have their own way of telling you when they're happy and healthy versus if they're not getting enough water.

Look closely, look often
The shape, colour, and even texture of your plants' foliage will change depending on whether or not they're receiving enough water—your job as a plan parent is to learn what those signs mean and how to care for your plants the way they need.


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