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Plant to Pot: How to Style Your Kona Planters

"’s a good thing that the Kona 15’s drainage hole will ensure that your soil doesn’t flood or harbour root rot!"

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the kona ten planter

The small footprint of the Kona 10 lends itself well as an intermediate pot for transitioning plants that start small and grow big! Something tropical like a Monstera Deliciosa will be happy calling the Kona 10 home until it graduates to a bigger pot.


the kona fifteen planter

The slightly larger stature of the Kona 15 makes it great for both indoor and outdoor spaces. We recommend pairing it with plants that have lots of volume, but aren’t too thick in foliage. Think Majesty Palm, Money Tree, or Fiddle Leaf Fig!


For something floral, we love how Marigolds look in the Kona 15. The rounded shape of the flowers and the Kona complement each other while the Marigolds bring a fresh pop of colour. Marigolds love light, so be sure to place them where they’ll get lots of sunshine. In terms of care, water the soil deeply, then leave until the top 1-2 inches of soil is dry before watering again. Since each watering will require a good soak, it’s a good thing that the Kona 15’s drainage hole will ensure that your soil doesn’t flood or harbour root rot!


pro tip:
consider the size

The ideal size plant for a planter is one where the root ball is only about a few inches smaller than the inside of the planter. When a plant is too small for a planter, soil can hold too much moisture, which can lead to root rot. If a plant is planted into too tight of a container, the roots will suffocate and won’t be able to draw enough nutrients or moisture for the soil.

Do your best to match a planter with a diameter 1" – 2" bigger than your plant's diameter.

The only time you should consider larger planter is when you are repotting, or transitioning your growing plant into a bigger pot. If this is the case, place your growing plant into a planter that has roughly 2" – 4" of extra space in diameter.


the kona twenty planter

The big and beautiful Kona 20 lends itself really well as an entrance or statement planter. For this big fella, plants with big volume, presence, and dense foliage are your best bet. Think Bird of Paradise, Rubber Tree, Banana Tree, etc. If the plant looks like it might be a bit of a diva, the Kona 20 is a great pairing!

pro tip:

consider seasonality
Choose your plants based on seasonality and climate. Our Pure Series planters are built to withstand any weather, all year round, so pick a hearty plant that can do the same! In colder climates, evergreens are a great choice. In hot climates, plants that do well in sunlight and high temperatures are a safe bet. Want to change it up depending on the season? You can do that too! Our planters will set a great stage for seasonal arrangements.



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  • I have the Kona 15” planter & was needing the part that catches the water underneath. Can I buy 2 that will fit my planter?

    Debbie Adcock on

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