plant parent 101: lighting

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Plant Parent 101

plant parent 101:

Jumping into the vast and rewarding world of plant parenting can be an intimidating and sometimes stressful journey. That's why we created this series to give you helpful tips on how to go from just keeping your plant babies alive to helping them thrive and flourish! One of the most important factors is lighting—without the right amount of light, no plant has a chance of survival. Here are some things to keep in mind when choosing and arranging your plants.

Indoor Plants
Every plant needs different amounts of sunlight. Some require bright, direct sunlight while others need indirect light to avoid getting burnt. For indoor plants, rooms with south-facing windows are usually the best go-to area for plants as they receive the most amount of sunlight throughout the day, and adjusting for the exposure to direct sunlight is as simple as moving a plant closer or farther away from the window.

Outdoor Plants
For outdoor plants, plan out where you'll place your plants by how much sunlight and shade they'll receive during the day. Remember that you can always use large plants to provide shade for more sensitive plants! If you don't have enough space or access to enough natural light, a plant light is a great supplement (not substitution), especially in the winter months when there are less hours of daylight.

Research is Key
No matter your situation, try to research your potential plant babies as much as possible so you know how much light they need and can plan a space for them to be happy and healthy in their new home.


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